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The “REIKI” healing experience with Tamara is truly “MAGNIFICENT”!! Be prepared to merge into the ambiance of zen sounds and music combined with Tamara’s healing hands; hands in harmony creating the flow of energy, balance, and harmony in your being in the comforts of her beautiful, peaceful, spiritual domain. Her amazing energy transcends feelings of divine inner peace and centeredness. Feelings that stay with you long after your session is completed. Happiness is!!

As an added bonus Tamara shares here beautiful cards that will enlighten you with a mini reading revealing messages in present time for insight and contemplation. I encourage you to treat yourself to this divine experience, you deserve it !!! Enjoy! I always look forward to them!

– Diana B. (Walnut Creek)

Tamara is FANTASTIC! She has the best energy and truly wants her clients to feel healthy and well. She does nothing to pressure you in to coming back or to buy anything, she just really wants you to enjoy your time there and to heal and feel better. She is very accommodating with schedules and does a really wonderful job. I have been very ill for a long time and I notice a tremendous difference every time I see her – my spirit is lifted and my body is so appreciative. every single penny you spend here will be worth it. if you need anything specific, just ask – she wants to help and will do everything to help her clients. I consider her a friend and wish that everyone I met was as wonderful as she is! I recommend going here 100%!

-Ally, (Pitsburg)

After receiving a massage from Tamara, I now understand what everyone means when they use words like Fantastic, Awesome, Amazing, Wonderful, Inspirational, and FAB-U-LOUS! Tamara performed my Raindrop Therapy and Reiki Healing. After the therapy, I was driving home when all of a sudden from out of no were; I had the pleasure to experience a calm feeling of well being, harmony, tranquility, happiness and warmth. I was surround by stillness, peace and did not have a worry in the world; I just sat back and enjoyed the experience. Now, I don’t ever recall experiencing this in my life time. I may have come close, but not to this level. Not having experiencing this before, I really don’t know what to make of it. All I know is that I Love it and can’t wait to experience it again. WOW, Sooo Addicting!!!!

Tamara is a very Gifted person and I just can’t Thank her enough.

-Fred (CA)

“I met Tamara a couple of years ago after recovering from several surgeries as a result of kidney cancer. My immune system was so depleted that I eventually caught an upper respiratory virus that left me weak, breathless and dependent on a nebulizer for approximately six weeks. After exhausting all alternatives, I was referred to Tamara by a mutual friend. They explained that she could help me restore my immune system (naturally) and provide some relief from my aching chest and body. When I arrived to Tamara’s office she greeted me with a warm smile. She graciously welcomed me without any fear of my coughing. I immediately sensed a peace in my spirit – as if I had known this woman forever! She suggested Rain Drop Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage to begin the healing process. That night, I had my very first peaceful night of sleep in weeks! My cough went away after a few days and I as each day passed, I began feeling better, stronger and healthier. Tamara educated me on ways to maintain and keep my body healthy. Today, I am still in remission and enjoying my Rain Drop Therapy regularly for illness prevention and my Lymphatic Drainage to keep my immune system in tip-top shape! Tamara’s energy is reviving! God truly sent me another angel in my life!

– Bertha (Walnut Creek, CA)

“When I first went to Tamara for massage, it was for stress and tension relief, but I also obtained great relief from fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. Pain and stiffness in my feet made it difficult to walk, but after massage the pain completely subsided and my feet are now more flexible. Persistent low back pain and spasms have gone since I’ve had regular massages. In general, all-over body pain from fibromyalgia is a great deal less than before receiving massages. I sleep much better, have improved circulation, and feel healthier because toxins are eliminated from my system. Another benefit I’ve noticed is my cellulite has smoothed out no more lumps. Now I view massage as more of a health benefit than a luxury. Tamara is a wonderful therapist! I’m so glad I found her”


“Massages by Tamara are pure heaven. Her touch is so relaxing. I have been going to Tamara for years and each time she does something new and it’s always the right touch and just what I needed. I like her intuition and energy. She’s the Best!!!”

-Joan Kasich, The Herb Specialist (Pleasant Hill , CA)

“Hi Tamara, I just wanted to let you know what wonderful healing hands you have. From the moment I stepped into your room, I could feel the relaxed and peaceful energy that you create in and around yourself. As you started to work on me, I could sense that you knew just where to go to reduce tension in my body, and I love that you did it in such a gentle, honoring way. I felt so relaxed afterwards, and not just in my body, but also my mind and spirit. You truly are gifted, and I wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful experience. I have, and will continue to, recommend you for friends, family and clients.”

-Nicole Valega, DC/HypnoBirthing Practitioner (San Raimon, CA)

“Hi Tamara, I just wanted to send you a little note to tell you how great I felt after the Lymph Drainage Therapy. I actually felt some energy today … that’s been real rare lately. I was not expecting such an immediate response. You must have the touch!! Thanks again for a much needed measure of relief!”

-Janine Perkins (CA)

My son and I went to visit Tamara and my son, who has suffered from migraine headaches for years, was given a Lymph Drainage of the neck and it was amazing the relief he felt for a very long time. I also, have had Tamara’s massages and not only are they absolutely relaxing and wonderful, but her energy is amazing and truly gives you the uplift which we all need!!!

-Ann Marie Stern (Lafayette, CA)

I am so pleased I can tell everyone possible about what Tamara has meant to me – as an emotional and spiritual friend and as a truly gifted massage specialist in Reiki and Reflexology (my needs at this time). Try her help – it’s Top of the Line!!!

-Judith Myers, Senior. (Concord, CA)

Tamara is not only a wonderful massage therapist, but a truly genuine supportive, caring, and loving woman. I have been blessed to have her as my friend and therapist.

-Sue (Martinez, CA)

A massage from Tamara is a treat—relaxing and wonderful. Her joyous energy adds an extra, healing dimension to the experience!

-Kim Wilborn, Hypnotherapist (Pleasant Hill, CA)

My experience after a massage or Reiki with Tamara is an incredible sense of peace, harmony and joy that lasts long after the healing treatment is over. Tamara has magical energy and healing hands. She has an incredible ability to set my body and mind back in balance. I always leave her office with a big smile and happy positive thoughts affirming the experience was totally to my benefit!

-Diana B. (Walnut Creek, CA)

I love Tamara’s new office, it has a large comfortable waiting area you can have a nice cup of Mighty Leaf Tea and watch the beautiful view while you are waiting for your appointment. The massage room is beautiful with lots of crystals and nice nick knacks. I like it clean, and Tamara is very clean. She uses top of the line products, for example you now how uncomfortable the face cradle can be – Tamara has a special pillow to for your face. I came with very tight shoulders and neck and she did her magic with the crystal bowl clearing the energy, followed by a wonderful relaxing massage with aromatic oils. I took Reiki level one and two with Tamara and enjoyed it very much. Tamara is a wonderful, perky, and positive person. She keeps taking classes all the time and offers many kinds of massages and healing therapies. You become Tamara’s friend after a treatment, and she is a good one to have. Have a wonderful treatment and change your life with one of Tamara’s classes.

-R.S. (Moraga, CA)

Thank you, Tamara I LOVED the treatment Tamara gave me (two glorious hours) and cannot recommend her highly enough. Tamara is a true healer and you will certainly have a wonderful, relaxing, healing massage at her office. If you have any health or stress concerns, Tamara is the right masseuse for you. I gladly share this with you as Tamara truly is awesome and I just know you will feel like butter floating on bubbly soft clouds when you’re done too! Feel free to tell her I sent you so maybe she’ll give me an even greater deal on my next massage. (wink-wink) I’m working hard to make this a regular occurrence as I have found the massage therapist of a lifetime! I encourage you all to treat yourself to the gift of massage and start your New Year off right! Many blessings.

-Kristine Nicole Kaufmann

There is only word to describe Tamara’s massages AMAZING. I have been going to her for a few years now and she will never get rid of me. I love her massages and Reiki. I have not experienced her mastermind class yet but I do have a few friends that have and they are amazed how it actually has changed their lives. Its not only Tamara’s excellent massages that keep me coming its her wonderful positive personality. Just being around her makes you feel so much better its hard to explain. She has such good positive energy and she send that through you by the time you leave you feel like a new person. I have my RN board examine and the day before I go I am seeing her I know that she will motivate me, keep me positive, relax me, and I know I will be completely ready to pass my test.

I 100% recomend Tamara to will not be dissapointed!!

-Brittni of Walnut Creek

I am soooooooo happy to have met Tamara. She is such a wonderful, loving therapist. I love her positive energy she puts in her massage- you feel so relaxed and peaceful. Tamara is very loving and has a healing touch in all her treatments. I have taken her Mastermind class and the only thing I can tell you is, I had so many positive changes in my life. Tamara truly is an angel she is very caring and loves to make her clients feel wonderful!!! I definitely would recommend Tamara to everyone who wants to feel good!!!

-Alka of Walnut Creek

There are no words that can truly describe Tamara and her massages. She has the kindest soul you will ever meet and is very gifted at what she does. As one of her clients for the past few years I can tell you that her services are wonderful!! Her office is warm and welcoming and she goes out of her my to make each experience a healing one!! I recommend her 5000%!!


If you’re searching for soul enlightenment… then look no further and visit Tamara! Whether its for a Reiki session, massage therapy or the life changing mastermind sessions! I felt uplifted and energized when I first walked into her space, and it was like that every time for the duration of each session! She makes you feel at home. She is certainly blessed and shares her blessings!


Tamara is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. This Mastermind class is so life changing. I have grown a lot. I feel better about myself and finally have the inspiration, discipline and focus to do anything in life! I am not afraid to dream Big! Tamara and I had an instant rapport when we met, and I plan to keep her as a close friend and refer her to many more of my friends. Thank you again Tamara! You are such a sweetheart!


I have had Crohn’s Disease forever and could never find any relief for my abdomen. I cramp and hurt a lot. Well, going to see Tamara sure has helped me so much. I sleep better when I make an appointment to see her. Even a half hour visit makes all the difference in the world. Just making that first appointment really was the hardest part. once you make it you want more! Tamara is a very positive influence and if you are trying to find ways to have less stress in your life, this is your first step.


Tamara should call the 2 hour detox massage she gave me NEVERENDING BLISS!! I thought the session would never end, and the entire time I was present to every scrumptious moment. Afterwards I felt energized and stimulated, well rested and renewed. This goddess of healing energy will use her magic to make you light and new! Also the space was very quiet and easy to find…. tons of parking and well worth the drive if you’re coming from Oakland or the San Francisco. The session I had with her was invaluable, so her prices are a bargain:) I’ll be back, again and again!

Jessica, Oakland


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